MandaProductions to become carbon neutral.

A Carbon Neutral Video Production Company

Reducing and offsetting emissions with ClimatePartner

At MandaProductions we have decided to put sustainability at the heart of all our future operations and become one of the first carbon neutral film production companies in Amsterdam. We have made a big step into that direction by joining ClimatePartner to measure and offset the emissions from our entire production process. From equipment use to staff travel, every aspect of our film production operations will now aim to be climate-friendly.


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We strongly believe that this is not only the right thing to do for our planet moving forward but also makes good business sense. As more and more consumers are becoming eco-conscious, they are increasingly looking to work with brands and businesses that share their values. By becoming a carbon neutral company, we are sending a strong message to our clients and partners that we are serious about sustainability.

We are confident that being carbon neutral will not only benefit our clients but most importantly will allow us to make sustainability one of our core business principles. Because if we are to leave our planet in good health, we have to become more sustainable in everything we do. 

If you would like to learn more about our carbon offsetting initiative or have any future questions about how we integrate these measures effectively into our operations please feel free to contact us.


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